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WOUNDED BIRD (All songs by David Smith)

1.Wounded Bird--000 2. My Life is my Home--4:05 3. Two Hours in a Moment--8:03 4. From Where I Stand--12:54 5. Ballad of Kent & Desire'--16:27 6. I'm Still Breathing--21:07 7.I Guess You're Leaving--24:03 8. Alcoholic Song--28:42 9. Simply Hard--31:47 (All songs written by David Smith)




SUNDAY SCHOOL (All songs by Chris Smith)

1) SUNDAY SCHOOL--000 2) POET'S PRAYER--4:38 3) OH, BROTHER--9:25 4) WHERE ANGELS SET TRAPS--16:34 5) ROYAL WEDDINGS--21:31 6) MONEY TONIGHT--27:42 7) BACK--34:12 8) LOVELY LIMBO--39:44 9) THE OPTIMIST--46:04 10) ONE AND ONLY ROAD--51:55 11) TRAINED--56:29 12) GENTLE MOON-102:14