FOLLY YOUR BLISS A Novel By David Walter Smith

FOLLY YOUR BLISS A Novel By David Walter Smith



 Novel By David Walter Smith

By 2024 the G.O.A.T WARS had claimed over a million lives. What are the G.O.A.T. WARS? It stands for The Greatest Of All Time, of course—a useless debate indulged in over Guitar Gods, NFL Quarterbacks, etc…the specifics go on and on. In this case the point of deadly contention concerns two basketball players that never played in the NBA on the same day let alone in the same era: King James versus His Airness. Yeah, what started out as fodder for silly bar fights, eventually spilled into the streets; grew from fists to bats, knives on to guns, all the way up to military-grade weaponry. Absurd? Sharp crowd—but being that we have, historically, killed one another over everything from the color of skin, belief in unseen Gods and imaginary border lines drawn in the dirt…well, absurd has always been kind of our jam.

That the G.O.A.T. WARS might be traced back to one Florida Wellness (a Captain of Industry in the Nashville music scene) would be news to her. The sharp, shrewd woman only came to Nashville back in 1989 because she momentarily fell in love with the BRILLIANT songwriter AJ Folly. The plan was for him to take Music City by storm…that’s not the way it went. Florida became a temp at a PR firm to help AJ on his way to stardom only to discover her true destiny by way of Sarah Circus and Kelly Quick. Both had been bred to become Country-Crossover giants. The latter being created in a test-tube concoction formulated from Country Music’s most influential and money-printing DNA. Sarah, who had been born a few years earlier than Kelly, was supposed to be the first test-tube baby created in a Nashville studio. But two of the chosen donors jumped the gun, or that is, each other when they met for the first time in a conference room. So Kelly became the first test-tube Country Star, despite both future commodities being a product of the industry, so to speak.

All of the above gets revealed and sorted out in the pages of FOLLY YOUR BLISS, although not neatly. In fact, as in life, it all becomes quite the mess. Throw in, for good measure, an Artificial Intelligence from the future stirring the G.O.A.T. WARS pot, and then recruiting Florida Wellness to run for President in the 2024 election against The Orange Menace and the Old Man in the Blue Tie. Things get a bit messier in the name of saving the planet.

All the while AJ Folly, BRILLIANT as he truly was, must live in obscurity, known only as a beloved son, brother, father, and eventually, grandpa.

It is an absurd world...people are absurd. We are beautiful but oh so afraid, whether we see it or not. In the history of our species we have accomplished tremendous, wondrous things while simultaneously behaving abhorrently petty and mean. For better or worse, that is is as sad as it is funny, AND YET, there is hope...You don't get that joke?


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