Two Novels: Driving & Avoiding The Light

Two Novels: Driving & Avoiding The Light


Stanley Madison is the poster child for the un-ambitious. Other than shooting a mean game of pool and enjoying a good swim at the Y.M.C.A (where he has a room) he needs not much else. There is more to that in Stanley, he loves his sister Karin, likes his job driving in and around the Chicago area working for LEATHER EXPERTS; his boss Hal is a jerk, not a surprising or devastating fact; and Leroy Madison harbors some disappointment about a son’s lack of direction.

Are we what our circumstances make us or is it who we are, innately, that determines how one reacts to life’s nasty habit of fucking with its players? Stanley’s mom, Bridget, an early nurturing force in the boy’s life, died before he reached high school. Maybe that explains an inability to live in an apartment or home with kitchens—hence the room at the Y. At one point our friendly neighborhood delivery man of leather and furs to dry cleaners will meet Eddie. A self-destructive drunk hell-bent on a well meaning fist-fight, Eddie has a story, a tragedy even, or maybe a man destined for alcoholism regardless.

Follow along as the author compares life-note’s with Stanley in an attempt to sort out his own mess.



“All history is based on a true story…” So begins the tale of Alex Nash, a man so at odds with the truth he might be better off with the many lies concocted. The reader will eventually find reasons for Alex’s need to keep the truth at bay, frustrating as it may be to Eve, the mother of his 3-year-old son. Edward Nash, his father, had done very well for himself treating the truth like foe to be out done. Alex himself got into sales, the perfect pursuit of every natural born liar. 

Harley, a former therapist current fork-lift driver in a lumber yard, has no problem with the truth. Neither does fellow lumber employee and truck-driver, JT. As the father of three, married to a discontented wife in Lynn, JT needs to consider that certain hard truths might be easier digested on a layaway plan. Meanwhile Harley has only one nemesis, the gate he refuses to close in the alley behind his mother’s home. No, the man sees no need to disturb the monkey on his back pouring bourbon and cutting up lines to go with psychedelic trips and methodically arranged lost weekends.

What Alex, Harley and JT have most in common is growing up together on Chicago’s northwest side…and Lenny, they all know Lenny—a pasty little, pale turtle of a man who makes the most savage pizza and who will jab your knees into submission if you dare to disagree, 

Once again the author will compare notes in an attempt to understand and forgive himself as well as his fictional counterparts.

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